How to Manage Users in Nuke Evolution?

Nuke Evolution Xtreme comes with its own user configuration section in the admin area, which can come in very handy for managing your website users. To enter the control panel go to your site’s admin area and select “Users Configuration” from the left side menu:

You will see the “User’s Administration” panel:

You have the following options to manage your users:

Add a New User – as the menu states, you can add a new user. Fill in the details which you want for the user to add for your site

Create Field – you can create a new field for newly registering users. You have plenty of options to create the new field. You can use this option if you need any custom information provided by your new users

Search Users – you can use this tool to search through users

Users Configuration – use this tool to setup the user registration requirements

Cookie Configuration – activate the cookie checker tool and set the cookie expiration time

Edit Terms of Service – edit your site’s terms of service agreement

The last column shows the number of Active, Regular, Deactivated, Suspended and Waiting users. A click on each of the options will show you the users under that category. You can use the options to activate, deactivate, and suspend different users.