How to Transfer MODx Website?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer your website to your account with TMDHosting. The first thing you will need to do is transfer your website files. You can easily do that via FTP. You can check our FTP video tutorials here:

If you have accessed your MODx website using , you should upload the files in the /public_html/ directory of your account. In case you have accessed the site using you should transfer the files under /public_html/modx/

The next step is to export your MODx database. You can easily extract your site’s database using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin. To export the database you can follow the steps in our video tutorial at:

Now login to your TMDHosting account’s cPanel and navigate to the MySQL Database Wizard. In there create a new database by following the steps on the screen. You can check our video tutorial on how to setup a new database here:

Now that you have created the new database, you will need to import the copy of your database that was previously extracted. You can easily import the database with just a few clicks using the phpMyAdmin interface. You can follow these steps to import your site database:

Once the import is complete, open your MODx configuratoin file. The file is located in:


The name of the file is Find the following lines:

$database_type = ‘mysql’;

$database_server = ‘localhost’;

$database_user = ‘Database_USER ‘;

$database_password = ‘PASSWORD’;

$database_connection_charset = ‘utf8’;

$dbase = ‘ Database_NAME ‘;

$table_prefix = ‘modx_’;

$database_dsn = ‘mysql:host=localhost;dbname= Database_NAME;charset=utf8’;

Edit Database_USER, PASSWORD and Database_NAME with the ones you have created earlier.

In the same file edit the paths to your MODx script. The lines that should be edited are:

$modx_core_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/core/’;

$modx_processors_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/core/model/modx/processors/’;

$modx_connectors_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/connectors/’;

$modx_manager_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/manager/’;

$modx_base_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/’;

$modx_assets_path= ‘/home/tmduser/public_html/assets/’;

In the above lines we assume that your MODx script is located in the public_html folder. You will only need to change “tmduser” with your actual cPanel username.

In case your MODx script is installed in a subdirectory of public_html, enter the name of the folder after public_html.

Save the file and make sure that the updated version of this file is present in your account.

That’s it! You have successfully transferred your MODx website.