How to Transfer a MediaWiki Website?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer your MediaWiki from another server. The process is quite simple. First, you will need to copy your website files. You can easily do this via an FTP client like Filezilla. You may review our video FTP tutorials at:

Note that the web root directory for your account is /public_html/ . If your site is accessible via you should upload the files in /public_html/wiki/

The second step is to export your website database using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin. You may follow our step by step video tutorial to export the site database:

The next step is to create new MySQL database using the MySQL Database wizard located in your cPanel. After that import the exported copy of your site database. You can follow the steps provided in our video tutorial to import the database:

Finally edit the following lines in LocalSettings.php file:

$wgDBname = “db_name”;

$wgDBuser = “db_user”;

$wgDBpassword = “password”;

Change db_name, db_user and password with the database name, database user and database password that you set earlier. Save the file and upload it again in the root directory of your MediaWiki installation.

That’s it! You have successfully transferred your MediaWiki website.