How to Add Links in MediaWiki?

You can easily change the MediaWiki sidebar to meet your needs. To change the links, search for the following phrase in the search bar: MediaWiki:Sidebar This will bring the MediaWiki sidebar page: Assuming that you are logged in the website as administrator, click the edit button. Now you can edit the menu. You can add: […]

How to Transfer a MediaWiki Website?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer your MediaWiki from another server. The process is quite simple. First, you will need to copy your website files. You can easily do this via an FTP client like Filezilla. You may review our video FTP tutorials at: Note that the web […]

MediaWiki Introduction

MediaWiki is a free open source wiki software that was originally used by Wikipedia. It is extremely powerful and scalable software with feature rich wiki functions that have been written in php to process and display data stored in a database.

MediaWiki Automatic Installation

With the TMDHosting services, MediaWiki installation can be quite an easy task. Using the Softaculous auto-installer, you can install MediaWiki with just a few clicks. Simply login to your cPanel and find the Softaculous icon under the “Software/Services” section: Now find MediaWiki under the Wikis category:   In the overview page select the “Install” tab […]

MediaWiki Manual Installation

Installing MediaWiki manually is actually a very simple task. This tutorial will guide you through the whole process of installing MediaWiki. Before we start, you will need to prepare a few things. First, create a new MySQL database using your cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard. After that, download the latest MediaWiki release from their official […]

How to Post Content in MediaWiki?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to add a new article. First, you will need to login to the site as an administrator. The fastest and easiest way to add new page is to type the name of the page that you wish add in the search bar: Click the search […]

How to Change MediaWiki Theme?

MediaWiki comes with a few pre-installed themes. You can easily change them from your MediaWiki administrative page. For that purpose access the website as an administrator. Click on the “Preferences” link: Now navigate to the “Appearance” tab and select the skin that you wish to use: When you have selected the theme, click the “Save” […]

How to Install MediaWiki Extension?

The installation of the standard MediaWiki extensions is quite simple. What you will need to do is download the extension archive and extract its content in the “extensions” folder of your MediaWiki installation. Once you have done this, open your LocalSettings.php file with a text editor like notepad and add the following line: Include(“extensions/NewExtensionName.php”); You […]

How to Create a Backup of MediaWiki?

To backup your MediaWiki website, you will need to take the following actions: Download a backup of your website files. You can easily achieve this by downloading your website files using an FTP client like FileZilla. Of course you are welcome to use an FTP client of your choice. You may review our video FTP […]