Introduction: What is ezPublish?


One of the key features that separate eZ Pubish from other Open Source CMS is that there is a real separation between the design and content management. In this way you can benefit during your website creation process by having your content editors and design developers working together without actually interfering their work. Furthermore, the content can be published and placed in different formats, depending on the design of the certain page but without actually changing its structure.


By keeping the content structure as it is without the need to change it for every layout or design form of your website you can easily transferred and re-purposed your articles. The result of this flexibility is that global design changes (or ever full redesign of your website) can be applied without affecting the content structure.


This flexibility and variety of options for content organization escalate the eZ Publish CMS to the enterprise level which makes it suitable for creation of personal and small business websites, as well as enterprise solutions for large companies.