Introduction: What is ezPublish?

  One of the key features that separate eZ Pubish from other Open Source CMS is that there is a real separation between the design and content management. In this way you can benefit during your website creation process by having your content editors and design developers working together without actually interfering their work. Furthermore, […]

How to change your ezPublish website logo?

You can change your eZ Publish website logo via your admin panel by clicking on the Design button from the top navigation menu and refer to the Look and feel link on the left. From the new page, please click on the edit button. Navigate to the Image section and use the browse button in order to […]

How to install a mew package on your ezPublish website?

In order to install a new package on your eZ Publish CMS platform, please, login to the eZ Publish administration panel and click on the tab Setup from the top menu.   On the next page, please refer to the Packages link on the left. Then click the button Import new package to import the […]

How to install ezPublish?

  Prior to starting the eZ Publish installation, there are three main things that you should take care. First you should download the eZ Publish installation pack from the eZ Publish official website and upload it under your account;second your time zone should be applied in a custom php.ini file under your ez Publish directory […]

How to install a new ezPublish theme?

If you would like to install a new eZ Publish theme you should first download the desire one on your local computer. You can find a list of themes here. When you download the package file of the desired theme, please login into your admin area and navigate to Setup tab from the top menu […]

How to create content via your ezPublish admin panel?

In order to create your content via your eZ Publish admin panel, please refer to the content structure tab in your admin area. From the new page, navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on the Create here button. On the new page you can input your article title, select the author and […]