How to upgrade Textpattern?

If you are using an earlier version of Textpattern you may want to upgrade your site to the latest version so as to get the most recent security fixes and patches. Before you start the upgrade, you should create a backup of your site’s admin area. You can check our guide how to create backup of a Textpattern website here:

Once you have the backup download the newest version of Textpattern from their official website at:

Once you have downloaded the archive, extract it. You will have new folder containing the latest files for the Textpattern website. Upload those files in your hosting account, overwriting your existing Textpattern website files. Make sure that you do not overwrite your config.php file. The files can be easily uploaded via FTP. You may check our FTP video tutorials at:

Now access your website admin area at:

The upgrade script has been automatically ran when you access the admin area. There is no need for you to do anything else. In the footer of the admin area you should see sign saying “Textpattern CMS – 4.x.x” where “x.x” is the release number for Textpattern:

How to upgrade Textpattern?