How to manage the user permissions on phpMotion?

We will show you here how to manage the users/groups permissions registered on your phpMotion based website. Also we will provide you with information on how to manage the functions available under the same top navigation menu which holds the users permission link.

The first step is to login to the administrator back-end of your phpMotion:

Here you will notice the top navigation bar which has a few main sections. The one we will be reviewing here is called “Manage”

You will notice a few functions here which we will explain one by one. The first one is the “User Permissions”:

Here you have the option to manage the privileges that the registered users on your website have. The default settings should work well for the “Regular Members”. This group has privileges to edit only the content uploaded from each user. No global permissions are allowed by default. What you may want to review is the Standard and the Global Moderators tab. These are the groups which will not have full administrator rights but will have permission to keep your website clear from spam or illegal content uploads.

The next link under the “Manage” menu is “Admin Details”:

This function will allow you to modify the username/password/e-mail for your main administrator account. It is very important to edit these details (in) with caution in order to ensure that the access to the application will not be interrupted.

The next link is the “Video Categories” for which we have created a separate tutorial “How to create a new category/subcategory in phpMotion”.

Now we are at the “Groups” function. This function allows your registered users to create separate groups via the front-end of the script:

When a new group is created it will show up on the menu mentioned above available under the “Manage” top navigation.

As any other application which offers membership phpMotion has integrated newsletter system:

Depending on the hosting package you use you should contact your host for the number of e-mail messages which you may process at a time.

The above mentioned newsletter will send e-mail to your website member. In order to provide an option for the members to review any new articles without the requirement of e-mail messages to be delivered the phpMotion developers added the “News” function:

When a new article is added to this section it will load on your front-page:

under the “Latest News” section.