How to create a new course in Docebo LMS?

In order to create a new course for your Docebo e-learning system, please refer to the admin area of your application at: https://your-domain/doceboCore/

After login with your administrative username and password, please navigate to E-Learning icon on the top menu -> E-Learning -> Course management

How to create a new course in Docebo LMS?

After being redirected to the new course page you can set your course name, language, type, description as well as many other different settings. Furthermore, you can upload a course logo, demo materials and materials for the subscribed users from the bottom of your page under the Documents upload section.

When you have all the desired settings applied you can click on the create button on the bottom of the page.

If you would like to start your Docebo LMS in a few clicks, check the Docebo Hosting package.