How to Enable Spam Protection in PixelPost?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to protect your PixelPost website from spam messages. First, login to your site admin area and navigate to the “Options” section: Then select the “Spam Control” section: On that page you can edit the following settings: Add a list of banned words Add a list […]

How to Add Images in PixelPost?

To add a new image in PixelPost, enter the admin area of the site. You will be automatically redirected to the “New Image” section of the site. You can add your new image in there by filling in the following details: Choose image – select the image which you wish to upload Image Tittle Tags […]

How to Enable PixelPost Addons?

When you first install PixelPost it comes with a list of pre-installed addons. Those, however, are disabled by default. To enable addons for your site go to your site’s admin area and click on “Addons”: You will see a list of the available addons. To enable an addon, simply click the “OFF” sign next to […]

How to Install PixelPost Modules?

There are many modules developed for PixelPost which can extend its functionality. You may find such modules in the PixelPost official website at: Once you have chosen the module which you wish to install download its archive. Extract the archive which will contain a file having the name of the module. Upload that file […]

How to Install PixelPost Templates?

To customize your PixelPost installation you can install different type of templates. You may find some free PixelPost templates here: Once you have selected the template you would like to use for your site, download its archive. The archive should contain a folder with the name of the template. You must upload that folder […]

How to Create a Backup of PixelPost?

To create a backup of your PixelPost website, you will need to do the following: Backup your website files by downloading them via FTP. You can find our FTP video tutorials at: Export your MySQL database. You can easily export your website database using MySQL database management tool like phpMyAdmin. To export a MySQL […]

How to Transfer PixelPost Website?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer your PixelPost to your hosting account with TMDHosting. The first thing you will need to do is transfer your existing PixelPost files via FTP to your hosting account with TMDHosting. If you have accessed your PixelPost site using you must upload your […]

PixelPost Introduction

PixelPost is a very simple yet powerful photoblog application that can help you post your images in a very easy and attractive way. If you are a photoblogger and want to start your own website to exhibit your works world-wide, then PixelPost is the right tool for you.

PixelPost Automatic Installation

PixelPost can be very easily installed using the Softaculous autoinstaller. To perform the installation, simply login to your cPanel and find the Softaculous icon under the “Software/Services” section: Under the “Image Galleries” find PixelPost and click on it: In the overview page of the script, click on the “Install” tab: On that page you can […]

PixelPost Manual Installation

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to install PixelPost manually. There a few things that you should prepare before starting the process. First you must create a MySQL database. You can easily do this via your cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard. You can follow this tutorial to create the database: The […]