How to install Concrete5 automatically?

Concrete5 is a great online platform, but the first step towards using it is to actually install it. There are two ways you can do that and here we are going to cover the easiest one of them – the automatic installation.   You should first access your cPanel.   Once you are there, navigate […]

How to create pages in Concrete5?

Concrete5 will allow you great flexibility and variety of features. In this part of the tutorial we are going to provide you with some guidance regarding the basic creation of a new page, so you can quickly begin the development of your online project.   Here we will show you in a few simple steps […]

How to change the site name and enable full caching in Concrete5?

Concrete5 is an application, which offers functionality as well as very easy navigation. Here we are going to outline the ways which you need to know if you wish to change the site name or to enable full caching.   We are going to start our tutorial with the steps for changing the site name. […]

How to install addons in Concrete5?

Concrete5 has a great variety of functions it can serve your needs with. Nevertheless you may still need to go the extra mile or you might be imperative for your online project to get additional functionalities. You can always do that right ahead in the Addon Installation section.   In this section of our tutorial […]

How to enable the “Pretty URLs” in Concrete5?

In this part of the tutorial you will see how to enable the so-called “Pretty URLs”. This function will provide great improvement of the accessibility and usability of your website. The functionality will make your URLs more meaningful to the end-user, increasing your visibility. They are also a great SEO tool, which you should not […]

How to install Concrete5 manually?

Concrete5 is a very popular online platform and it offers amazing functionality. As with other applications you will find that there are two ways in which you can go through in order to complete the installation procedure and in this section of the tutorial we will focus on the manual installation.   The first thing […]

Concrete5 Introduction

concrete5 logo

Concrete5 is a great open source CMS (Content Management System), which is used by 3% of all CMS platforms globally up to 2016. On the next graph you can compare it with another CMS platforms by their popularity: The development of the Concrete5 application was started in 2003 as a new approach toward a web […]

How to install themes in Concrete5?

Concrete5 offers a number of useful and convenient features, as well as a great design. The need for unique look of your online project can be satisfied as well by a third-party themes. You can always customize your Concrete5 and create the personal touch feeling for your website very easy. You simply have to install […]

How to manage the basic security settings in Concrete5?

There are several important aspects, which you have to be aware of when using Concrete5. Here are they as a couple of points:   1. It is always a good strategy to keep the script updated with all the latest patches. 2. Remember to update the add-ons as well. In certain cases it is also […]

How to create a backup of my Concrete5 website?

Every website owner needs to know that the work done is safe no matter what happens. That’s why the backup process is in place to preserve the content of your website. All of our Concrete5 hosting packages provide an automatic backup once a week, but you can perform one yourself and even download it on […]