WordPress MU Introduction

Be advised that WordPress 2.9 MU is no longer a separate project from the main WordPress branch. It is continuing development as part of the main WordPress 3 branch under the name ‘multi-site’ or MS. This means that you can get all the benefits of both WordPress and WordPress MU versions by using the latest WordPress version. To help you in the process of creating a multi-user website with the latest WordPress version we have created a detailed step by step WordPress multi-site tutorial available here.


Nowadays blog platforms are one of the most widely used applications and the bloggers community is growing every minute. It was not a long time ago when blogs have been used for sharing only personal thoughts and experience. Today, blogs are used for almost any kind of websites.


Without any doubts the WordPress MU is the most popular multi-user blog platform which needs only one example to prove this – – one of the most recognizable blog social network nowadays. If you would like to start your own multi-user blog website within a single installation, WordPress MU is just for you.


WordPress MU share about 99% of the codebase of the standard WordPress application which makes it fully compatible with the hundreds of thousands plugins, addons and themes. Additionally, as an inheritor of the original WordPress, it is completely free and open source which means that you can fully customize it for your needs.


Today WordPress Mu is used by institutions such as Harvard, Edublogs and


If you would like to start your WordPress MU Blog in a few clicks, check the WordPress MU Hosting package.