How to manage accounts in SugarCRM?

As in other CRM applications in SugarCRM you have the opportunity to add both contacts and accounts. This feature is very useful but in some cases it might cause confusion to the inexperieced user.

In this section of our SugarCRM tutorial we will explain the main difference between the contacts and accounts and show you how to manage account in your CRM platform.

Let us start with the basic explanation of the contacts. In SugarCRM contact are the customers and partners of your business. There are the people you need to communicate using your CRM platform, arrange meetings with them and other daily tasks.

On the other hand the accounts can be user to organize the contacts of your system. For example if you have five contacts working in the same company you can add them to account, associated with the company in question.

Since you already know what is the difference between the two features we will now show you how to manage them with ease.

In order to add an account you should first access the control panel of your SugarCRM script and navigate to Accounts:

How to manage accounts in SugarCRM?

On the page where you will be redirected to you need to click on the Create Account button:

How to manage accounts in SugarCRM?

You will be introduced with a page, that is very similar to the one of adding contacts and that is why we will not explain it in details. You can refer to the previous section of the tutorial for more information on how to fill in the details in it.

In order to add contact to this account you can simply navigate to Accounts > Account name > Contacts > Create/Select:

How to manage accounts in SugarCRM?