How to create a backup of my SugarCRM platform?

In SugarCRM there are two different ways to create a backup of your system. In this section of our tutorial we will show you how to create such in both ways. The first one is using the built-in functionality for creating a backup. It gives you the opportunity to archive the files of the script. […]

How to add and manage contacts in SugarCRM?

Since the SugarCRM application is designed to provide you with the opportunity to manage your customer and team collaboration one of its main features is to allow you to add and manage the contacts in your business. In fact the contacts are all people that you need to communicate with – your clients, the separate […]

SugarCRM Introduction

SugarCRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management platform in a global scale. It provides its users with a huge variety of functionalities such as sales automation, customer support, creating marketing campaigns, internal collaboration and scheduled customer communication. Using the application you ca easily track and plan different events, gain information concerning the specific tasks of […]

How to install SugarCRM automatically?

SugarCRM is a great tool to manage the communication and business information associated with your customers. As we have highlighted in the introduction section of our tutorial we will focus on the Sugar Community Edition since it is free open-source solution that you can use without any expenses. The application is appropriate for all of […]

How to restore SugarCRM from backup?

When you are running an online business you can sometimes face some issues with your website, causing it not to function properly. Such issues can be caused by data loss, coding errors, misconfiguration or incompatibility of a third party module or extension. However, if you create up to date backup copies of your platform on […]

How to manage accounts in SugarCRM?

As in other CRM applications in SugarCRM you have the opportunity to add both contacts and accounts. This feature is very useful but in some cases it might cause confusion to the inexperieced user. In this section of our SugarCRM tutorial we will explain the main difference between the contacts and accounts and show you […]

How to share documents in SugarCRM?

When you run a business that requires collaboration between you and your team members it is highly important to be able to share data such as documents and correspondence with ease. In SugarCRM you can easily share files with your colleagues and in this section of our tutorial we will show you in details how […]

How to configure email accounts in SugarCRM?

As you already know one of the main activities you will need to do on a daily basis using your SugarCRM platform is to communicate with your customers. In order to do so you need to add an email account on your application, so you can send and receive emails. In this article we will […]

How to install SugarCRM manually?

In some cases you might need to install the SugarCRM application manually. This may be caused by the fact that you do not have access to the Softaculous Apps Installer or the version of the script you need is not available there. In this section of our Sugar tutorial we will show you how to […]