How to Transfer ImpressCMS From Another Host?

To transfer your ImpressCMS website from another server you will need to do several things. The first one would be to transfer your website files via FTP. You will need to transfer both your “trust” folder and your website files. You can perform the transfer via FTP. You can check our FTP video tutorials at:

The next thing you will need to do is export your ImpressCMS MySQL database using a database management tool like phpMyAdmin. You can check our video tutorial how to export a MySQL database via phpMyAdmin here:

The next thing you will need to do is create new MySQL database within your cPanel. You can easily do that via cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard. Simply follow the steps on the screen. After that import the MySQL backup copy that you have exported. You can import the database using phpMyAdmin. To import the database, you can follow the instructions provided in our video tutorial here:

As a final step, edit the configuration file that is located in your “trust” folder. The file should look something like:


Edit the following lines:

define( ‘SDATA_DB_USER’, ‘DB_User’ );

define( ‘SDATA_DB_PASS’, ‘DB_pass’ );

define( ‘SDATA_DB_NAME’, ‘DB_name’ );

Replace DB_User, DB_Pass and DB_name with the actual database credentials that you created earlier. Save the changes. Your ImpressCMS has been successfully transferred.