eGroupware introduction

  eGroupware is an open source groupware application that allows users to manage contacts, appointments, projects and to do lists. The software is intended for small to enterprise level businesses. eGroupware can be used with its default web interface or from different desktop clients like Novel Evolution or Microsoft Outlook.

eGroupware automatic installation

With TMDHosting services you can install start your eGroupware website in a matter of just a few clicks. Simply use the Softaculous auto-installer which can be found in your cPanel under the “Software/Services” tab: Find eGroupware under the ERP category in the left column on your screen: You will be taken to the overview page for the […]

eGroupware manual installation

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to install EGrupware manually. Before that you will need to prepare a few things. First, create a MySQL database using your cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard. The wizard will guide you through the whole process. Second, you will need to download the latest version of Egroupware from […]

How to create a backup of eGroupware?

To create a backup of your site eGroupware website, you will need to backup your website files and database. To backup your website files, simply download the files on your local computer using an FTP client like FileZilla. You may find our video FTP tutorials at: To backup your website database, you may use phpMyAdnin. To export the […]