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Moodle faq

Yes. All of our servers cover the system requirements of Moodle script. By doing this you can simply deploy your files and start working on your website.

Moodle is Opensource LMS ( Learning Management System ) that is secure, scalable and very customizable PHP script. It has an active community of developers, users and partners that drive its development forward. It has also been ranked the best LMS script since 2011 up to now.

Everyone can use Moodle to build a platform for online learning. It can be customized for classrooms, university halls or professional courses.

Moodle is an Opensource LMS and therefore has many contributors that modify and develop it’s features. It has as an easy to use graphical user interface, different language packages, extensive administrative and course development features, collaborative tools, notifications, progress tracking and many more.

Courses are Moodle’s learning areas where both students and teachers work together. You can easily create a new course by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Course ­> Manage Courses and categories ­> Add a new course.

Yes, Moodle can be accessed through a mobile device! In fact it has almost all of the functionality of the desktop version available on mobile devices. You can enable and configure the mobile app by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Plugins ­> Web Services ­> Mobile.

You can turn off public Guest access by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Plugins ­> Enrolments ­> Manage enrol plugins

You can easily change your Moodle website’s default language by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Language ­> Language Settings.

Additionally, you can add more languages to your website by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Language ­> Language Pack

Before you install a plugin you should first thoroughly read the documentation as different plugins may have different requirements and installation instructions, for example:

First you have to upload the file to your website via FTP and then unzip the content of the plugin installation file in the following folder: ­


Afterwards you have to go to:

- Site Administration ­> Notifications And configure your now newly installed plugin.

You can change the layout of the dashboards for all users, simply by going to:

- System Administration ­> Appearance ­> Default Dashboard Page

After downloading the theme installation file, you have to upload it via FTP to the following folder:

- /path/to/moodle/theme

Afterwards, you can activate your new theme by going to:

- Site Administration ­> Appearance ­> Themes ­> Theme Selector.