Is it safe to use the Shared SSL for my online store?

Can I use a shared SSL for my webstore? I do not want to purchase an SSL certificate if I can use a free one.

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There are many benefits from using a SSL certificate for your website. Besides the fancy green URL address bar, with an SSL, your site will look at least one level more professional. Most of the people who surf the Internet these days are suspicions when they land a new website. The online store clients are very careful and need to be sure their information is safe, securely transferred and protected. When they are purchasing items, very important personal information is being transferred. If you show that you value the security and privacy of their information, they will trust you more.

If your website requires the users to use a login form to enter, a hacker could easily get their username and password, because they are transferred in clear text without using an encryption. When you let your visitors sore a password with you, you must be responsible for its protection.

In fact, the quality of the Shared SSL certificate and the connection is as secure as if it was issued by a trusted authority. The connection is as secure as possible and the encryption still works. The only difference is that your visitors browser cannot recognize the authority, but this does not mean it does not encrypt the connection – no, it works as intended, encrypting all data back and forth – this is not something you should be concerned for.

James Flynn Answered on September 27, 2015.
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