Can you install Tomcat on your servers?

I want Tomcat to be installed on my server. Is this possible?

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Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies. Its installation process and proper running requires allocation of additional resources. Such are not available on our shared hosting environment and maintaining Tomcat on shared hosting will decrease the overall performance of the server and this is not something that we could allow.

However, Tomcat could be enabled for you on any of our Dedicated Server offers, where you can have enough resources available for your application and you can customize the server environment so it could meet your particular needs. In order to install Tomcat on your dedicated server simply submit a ticket to our Technical Support Team and our System Administrators will install Tomcat for you absolutely free of charge. You may review our Dedicated server offers here:

You can find addition information about Tomcat from the official Apache website:

Danny Walker Answered on October 3, 2015.
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