How to minify the HTML output in Magento?

How can I find the file where is the HTML output? The goal is to minify it.

Russel Thomas Asked on November 26, 2015 in Magento.
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If your goal is to edit the output, then you will need to catch the response object which Magento is using to send the output. First you would need to setup a listener ” http_response_send_before”:

<!-- in your module's config.xml -->










Then you can get and set the body in the observer:

class Packagename_Modulename_Model_Observer


public function alterOutput($observer)


$response = $observer->getResponse();

$html = $response->getBody();

//modify html here




The response object is called at “sendResponse” in the class located at:


The output itself is sent to “sendResponse” and “outputBody” methods at:


Russel Thomas Answered on November 26, 2015.
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