FTP access without using my domain


I want to access my account via FTP without using my domain.

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You can find your FTP connection details in the welcoming message, which you have received when you have registered your hosting package with us. However, in some cases, for an example when you have made changes in DNS zone for your domain name, you be no longer able to reach your account by using it as a hostname. In such situations there is still other ways to connect to your account via FTP:

• Input the IP address of the server, where your hosting account resides. You can get it from the welcoming message with your hosting package or just ask our Genius Technical Support Team by submitting a ticket via your Client Area

• Input the server name, where your hosting account resides. Check your welcoming message for the line where the nameservers for your account are listed. The line should look like this one:


This means that you have to enter tmdhosting555.com in the FTP Hostname field. Just remove the ns1. prefix from the line and paste it.

James Flynn Answered on September 26, 2015.
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