How can I create a backup of my site?

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First you would need to know what your site consist of and thus what should be backed up/restored. Usually sites are composed from files and databases. You must take care of them all if you want to have your site exactly the way it has been before.

Backup/restore your files. In order to backup your files we recommend using ftp and copy them to your local PC. After that you can easily upload back the files and your files will be restored. If you’re not sure which folders should be copied please copy public_html. On how to use ftp with our services please check:

Backup of your databases. In this case we’ll assume your site has mysql database(s). For dealing with your MySql databases, please go to your cPanel, MySql databases section. At the bottom you’ll notice a link to PhpMyAdmin.

In phpMyAdmin, backing up (exporting) your database is simple. First choose your database from the left menu. Then click the Export tab. Select all the tables, check “Add DROP TABLE” and “Save as file”. Leave all other options untouched. Finally click on “Go” and the database dump will be downloaded to your PC.

To restore (import) a database in phpMyAdmin, first choose the database you’ll be restoring from the left menu. Then please click the SQL tab. You have the option of importing a .sql file. Use the “Browse” button to find it on your PC and then click “Go” at the bottom.

Chris Stewart Answered on October 8, 2015.
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