SugarCRM Introduction

Nowadays there are many available customer relationship management (CRM) systems and Sugar CRM Suite, developed by SugarCRM Inc, is one of the most popular. Actually, this software has three different versions -- Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Professional and Sugar Community Edition (Sugar CRM CE). This tutorial will present the Open Source Community edition of SugarCRM which can be freely downloaded and installed on your hosting account.

Sugar CRM CE is feature-rich and highly customizable application providing almost all functionalities required trusting your business on it. SugarCRM will help you to improve your customer service, the team work of your coworkers and keep your customers and company information well organized. Additionally, it provides detail information on your company and projects performance as well as incredibly valuable chronology list of your workers communication with your clients. The application is well-supported and there are various language packs, plugin for Outlook and a lot of free themes. Sugar Suite is also written in a popular and simple programming language (PHP) and as an open source project it can be modified for your custom needs and wants by your developer if you need any special functionality.

Because of its nature as open source application, there is a big community with thousands of members devoted to develop and test new useful stuff all the time. With your TMDhosting SugarCRM hosting package you can take advantage of all these features and much more.