Introduction to Drupal 8 CMS

Drupal is an open source website development platform that is used to power millions of sites around the world. It is Open Source Software with an immensely dedicated community. This is what makes it the choice of platform to build upon by many developers.

With it’s latest version Drupal 8 proudly took it’s place as one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS). With Drupal, you can create all sorts of websites - from small personal websites to big corporate portals, Drupal 8 can handle it all. You can download the latest version of Drupal from the Drupal.org website or you can install it with our Softaculous auto-installer tool with just couple of clicks.

In the next chapters we will cover some of the most basic and important Drupal 8 features. We will show you how to install Drupal 8, as well as help you understand its basic conceptions of content types. We will show you adding new articles and pages and creating simple navigation and. Advanced tasks like extending with modules and changing Drupal 8 outlook with themes are also covered in this tutorial.

It is not necessary to have any programming experience when using Drupal. Having read this tutorial, you will be able to begin administering your Drupal system to fit most of website owner's basic needs. Keep an eye on this page and our knowledge base - they will be constantly updated over time.

This tutorial is created and updated regularly by the TMDHosting Genius Support Team. If it misses a point you look to have covered, please do not hesitate to suggest it by contacting us! We will cover the subject you are looking for and get back to you as soon as we are ready. Our team is extremely open and dedicated to contributing towards the open source ecosystem and everyone inside it, especially those seeking further knowledge and advancement.