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Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

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FAQMasterFlex Free Installation

With our FAQMasterFlex hosting package you will never be out on your own. Get your quick, professional and secure FAQMasterFlex installation in less than 10 minutes.

FAQMasterFlex Free Upgrades

We know that keeping your FAQMasterFlex installation up to date is important to you. We will upgrade your FAQMasterFlex website for free.

Modules Installation

Easily extend your FAQMasterFlex website functionality with a single mouse click. We can install any FAQMasterFlex compatible module for you.

Templates Installation

Having an astonishing FAQMasterFlex website design has never been easier. Just choose the FAQMasterFlex template that you like most and we will install it.

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What is FAQMasterFlex?

Add a database-driven FAQ page to your web site. Unlimited categories/questions/answers, web-based administration.

Daily FAQMasterFlex Backup

We highly value your FAQMasterFlex data and understand that it may be crucial to you and your business. This is why we are creating daily and weekly backup snapshots of you data including files, databases, email accounts and account settings, stored on an independent and remote storage units by using an advanced SAN technology.

Environment tuned for FAQMasterFlex

Thanks to the years of experience in hosting FAQMasterFlex powered websites, we have found out what is the most appropriate system environment for it. Your account will be provisioned on a server that meets all FAQMasterFlex system requirements. In addition, all our servers are set up using advanced web server software and utilize SSD technology for enhancing MySQL storage. The server where your account resides will be under 24/7/365 human monitoring, performed by our skilled System Administrators team.

Recommended extras for your FAQMasterFlex website
ID Protection

Domain Information Privacy

Protect your identity, email address and domain name information from spam bots, crawlers and public WHOIS websites using the ID protect feature. Avoid domain name related spam and identity theft with our Domain Name Privacy services.

SSL Certificates

256bit Encryption

Increase your FAQMasterFlex website credibility and make your Customers feel extremely safe. Secure your checkout process and protect your Customers' personal information with the most affordable SSL certificates on the market, fully supported by all browsers and mobile devices.


Make your website mobile ready

In the past years mobile devices are slowly but steadily taking over personal computers. Don't be late and make your FAQMasterFlex website mobile friendly now. goMobi is a service which allows you to seamlessly have a mobile version of your website.