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DokuWiki is one of the most covered wiki apps in our Knowledge Base. Frank and his team lead our daily efforts in providing documented, sustainable and easy to follow articles on various DokuWiki related subjects.

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DokuWiki faq

It is important to know that all of our servers can handle the requirements of the DokuWiki script. The only thing you should do is to deploy the application and start filling the content of your Wiki.

DokuWiki is a free open-source application that allows you to easily create and manage documentation on any topic. Its intuitive interface and low system requirements makes it a popular choice for the users. It offers customization opportunities and feature-rich codebase.

Editing a page in DokuWiki is extremely easy. You just need to go to the page you want to make changes to and click the Edit this page button.

There are actually two ways to achieve this. 

The first one is using the ACL (Access Control List) of the application. 

The second one is to set a read-only permissions to the file associated with the page in question in the file structure of the application. To do so you will need to access your cPanel and navigate to the File ManagerNext find the root folder of the script and change the page’s permissions to 644.

The ACL (Access Control List) is a built-in feature of the DokuWiki script that allows you to set specific permissions for every page on your website. In this way you can control if the pages are writable by everyone, by the administrators only or it is not writable at all. You can also allow or deny user registrations and manage users.

It is possible to add more functionalities to the application by installing plugins. You can search for such in the official DokuWiki repository. Once you obtain the plugin you require you simply need to install it on your website and start using it.

The main idea of the Wiki is to provide a certain community to share information and experience on a platform available for anyone. Having this in mind it is advisable to give this community the chance to deal with the unnecessary or incorrect information and keep your Wiki clean.

However, depending on your specific needs (for example if your wiki is available for internal usage only) you can restrict the access to specific pages or grant only read permissions to some users. You can also require the edits to be approved before publishing using an appropriate plugin for that purpose.

To upload files to a specific page in DokuWiki you need to access it in editing mode and click the Upload Images button. Please have in mind that you need to have permission to upload such.

To create a backup of your Wiki you simply need to create a copy of all files associated with your application. Since it does not use a database you can just copy its root directory using the File Manager in your cPanel.

Creating a template in DokuWiki can be easily achieved by modifying an already existing one. Please have in mind that you should follow the standards applied to the application. You can find more information on the matter in the official DokuWiki documentation.

The DokuWiki script is designed in such way that it stores all the data in files located in the architecture of the application. That is why it does not require and also it does not allow you to combine it with a database.