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BuddyPress faq

Yes. All of our servers cover the system requirements of BuddyPress script. By doing this you can simply deploy your files and start working on your website.

BuddyPress is WordPress plugin which will allow you to build a social network ­­community by using WordPress and installing BuddyPress plugin. In other words, BuddyPress will transform your WordPress blog into a social network from where you will be able to create and modify advanced user groups, allow messages for your members and much more.

In order to be able to use this plugin on your WordPress website, besides WordPress installed, you will also need to make sure that your PHP and MySQL version are 5.6 or greater. Both MySQL and PHP version are strongly recommended by BuddyPress developers in order this plugin to work properly on your WordPress website.

Additionally, latest BuddyPress plugin (version 2.5.0) is only compatible with WordPress 3.9.0+ versions, which means that if your WordPress application is not upgraded to at least 3.9.0 version, you may not be able to install and configure this plugin.

Absolutely. BuddyPress is fully suitable and compatible with your WordPress if you have the multi-site feature enabled. You can easily install BuddyPress from your Network Admin > Plugins on WordPress Multi-site and administration area > Plugins for standard WordPress.

Once BuddyPress is installed and activated on your WordPress website, you will need to configure its settings and enable different components – as per your needs. This can be done from your administration area > Settings > BuddyPress. In BuddyPress page, you will see 3 tabs named as “Components”, “Pages” and “Settings”. From the “Components” tab, you can check the default enabled components for your website and enable or disable any additional component which allows different features for BuddyPress.

The “Pages” tab is showing all assigned pages for the previously added components and “Settings” tab allows you to configure basic settings for your website and your members.

As BuddyPress is working along with WordPress, SEO URLs (also known as pretty­URLs) can be enabled by accessing your administration area > Settings > Permalinks from where you will be able to select the desired format for your links – it can contain only post/page name or year with post/page name and much more options.

If your BuddyPress site/theme does not have a reconfigured navigation menu for your website, you can create one from Appearance > Menus > Create new menu. Enter a name for your menu and make it as “Primary Navigation”.At next point, you can easily add your BuddyPress pages or custom pages for this navigation menu like Sign Up, Sign In, Profile, Friends etc.

The sidebar (if your theme support more than 1 column) can be modified as it is on WordPress. You can add custom fields and edit your current from your administration area > Appearance > Widgets where a drag-and-­drop feature is possible in order to be able easily to disable/enable any widget and modify your sidebar(s).

For example, you could add a builtin widget named “BuddyPress Who's Online” which will show you how much users are online at the same moment.

If you would like to test your website firstly and check its and basic BuddyPress functionality, this can be achieved with installing the "BuddyPress Default Data" plugin which will import the default (demo) content into your website.

Using the builtin forums component is not recommended (depending on your BuddyPress version) due to the fact that its functionality will not allow you many features.

Instead of this forums component, we suggest installing and using bbPress which is a plugin completely suitable and supported by BuddyPress. This plugin will allow you many functionalities and options/settings to manage and edit your forums.

In case you are experiencing this issue and images are not uploaded, make sure that the GD image library is enabled for your account. If you are hosted with TMDHosting, you can easily check and enable this library from your cPanel > Select PHP Version from where can enable this library. Alternatively, you can always open a support ticket from your Client Area with us and our Technical Support Team will gladly assist you with this further.