How to add extra languages to your vTigerCRM?

We will show you in this tutorial in a few simple steps how to add extra themes to your vTiger CRM installation.

The first thing is to download the distribution archive of the language pack you would like to install on your computer. The following page will provide information for all the available language packs for vTiger at the moment with the supported versions for each:

As soon as the above is completed you could load your vTiger CRM instance:


After the administrator back-end is completely rendered navigate to the Settings Module Manager tab:

Here click on the “Custom Modules" tab. You will notice an “Import New” button the above image, please click on it. The new page you should use is to select the file you downloaded from your computer and click import:

The script will load the license agreement for the package you are installing. You could additionally review it. After you accept the license agreement, click “Yes” in the right bottom corner of the page.

This will load the “Importing Module” page and you will be provided with the list of the files changed. At the end of the list you will see:

Importing ES Spanish [es_es] ... DONE

This is for Spanish language pack. If you are installing different one the message may be slightly different but the “DONE” part should be there.

Now you may login and the new language will be available on the login page: