How to install Concrete5 CMS

With our Concrete5 hosting package you will never be on your own. Our expert Concrete5 technical support team will make sure that you have a bug-free and secure Concrete5 installation in less than 10 minutes, complete free of charge. The Concrete5 Installation can be requested from the client's area -> Get Support section -> Submit Support Ticket.

Concrete5 CMS is a PHP/SQL application and as such you will need to download the installation files from the official Concrete5 CMS website first. After having your (the subversion number is changing when a new release is available) file downloaded, please extract it on your local computer. The extracted files should be uploaded under your hosting account where you would like to have Concrete5 installed. This can be done via an FTP client by following the instructions in our great ftp video tutorial.

If you would like to have your Concrete5 CMS directly accessible at you should upload the files under the public_html directory. Alternatively, if you would like to have it located under a subfolder you may create a subdirectory under your public_html folder where the files should be uploaded. If you upload your files under /public_html/cms/ your Concrete5 installation will be accessible under

As soon as your files are uploaded under your account you should proceed with your MySQL database creation process. You can easily create a MySQL database for your CMS by following the instructions in our tutorial.

We have completed all of the above and we may now initiate the web installer by accessing:

The installation page which will load has three sections:

1. One on the right which shows you if all the requirements are present on the server which your account is hosted on:

If you see any warning messages you may need to contact your hosting provider to check the issue. If you have an account with TMDHosting there will be no error messages on these checks but still, if any appear you can create a ticket and our Technical Support will patch that in minutes for you.

2. Personal Information

The fields here are pretty much self-explanatory:

Database information

You should fill in the database details you have created via your cPanel. The host which should be used is “localhost” (without the quotes):

You will notice one check box right below the database details section. This check box when checked will add sample data to your Concrete5. This will help you understand the basic function of the CMS reviewing the content and the way it is set. So it is recommended to leave that check box marked if you are new to this content management system.

When all the information is filled in correctly you may click on the “Install Concrete” button at the very bottom right corner of the page.

Congratulations. Concrete has been installed. On this congrats page you will also have the administrator login details for the CMS. Please write these down as you will need these to make any changes on the website: