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Joomla! faq

Yes. All of our servers cover the system requirements of Joomla!. By doing this you can simply deploy your files and start working on your website.

Joomla! is one of the most popular open source CMS and one of the most used open source CMS worldwide. What makes Joomla! so successful is the large and super friendly online community and the abundance of free and commercial third party extension.

This makes Joomla! suitable for all types of websites. From simple blogs to complex portals and corporate websites.

Like every CMS application, Joomla! has its own types of extensions:

- Components: Complex features almost like stand alone apps that can bring new features to your website.
- Modules: The modules are lightweight extensions that can be placed inside the free module positions on your website
- Plugins: Those are extensions that in general alter the core functionality of your Joomla! website.

Uploading themes and plugins in your Joomla! application may be the one of the most fast and easy processes, if you choose to develop your website, using this platform. 

The are few simple but fundamental steps, when it comes to installation of some components, modules, plugins or a template in the Joomla!. First and most important is to download the requested plugin/theme, which in the most common cases are compressed in ZIP file. Afterwards, you will need to access your administration area, navigate to Extensions > Manager > Install. On this page you can install all of the above features by uploading the archive files to your website. Afterwards, the application will automatically install it and with that, you are ready to go.

However, it is a good practice to check every component/module/plugin/theme after you install it, in order to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

This entirely depends on the way the extension is created. There are many Joomla! 2.5 extension that works perfectly on Joomla! 3.5. However the best approach is to check the documentation of the extension or to directly contact it's developers for more information about it.

Joomla! provides regular security updates multiple times per year. Every security update is easy to install and you will be notified via message in your Joomla! administration area whenever new security update is available. However the most important part of having secured website is not to update your core Joomla! files but all of the third party extensions you might be using need to be kept up to date too.

Yes! We will do our best to assist you with your Joomla! updates/upgrades and will make sure that there is always a backup before such task is initiated. However you should always keep in mind that major upgrades from previous Joomla! versions such as 1.5 to 2.5 or even to 3.5 will most likely require serious website modifications once they are done. The reason for that is that there are no Joomla 1.5 components, modules, themes or plugins that are fully Joomla! 3.5 compatible.

Every premium theme for Joomla! should have installation tutorial included in the package. It is very important to follow the official installation instructions, because your website might end up with different look compared to the demo version in the theme.

Most of the theme developers are also having the so called QuickStart packages. Those basically are bundles of entire Joomla! websites with all the required extensions, themes and demo content that you need. All you have to do is to install them and start developing over the ready to go framework.

There are many couple of different steps you can reset your your admin user password in Joomla!

You can change the password for your administrative account of your website from your Administration Area > User > User Manager > click on your username and on this page you will be able to enter your new password.

Alternatively if you have forgotten your password and you are not able to access your administration area to perform the above steps, you can use our special cPanel password resetting tool. It will allow you to change your Joomla! admin with just couple of clicks. This application is located in your cPanel account under the menu Security -> Software Passwords. From this page, you will be able to change the password for any applications that is installed on your account.

If you are still not able to change your password for the administration area of your website, please submit a new support ticket from your Client Area and our Genius Technical Support Team will be glad to assist you with this further.