Can you tell me which ports are opened on your shared servers?

I want to know which ports are opened on shared hosting. How can I find that?

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The ports which are opened on our Shared Hosting Servers are:

21 – This is the default FTP port.
80 – This is the default HTTP port.
110 – This is the default POP3 port.
143 – This is the default IMAP port.
443 – This the default SSL port.
465 – This is the SMTP port over TLS/SSL.
993 – This is the IMAP port over TLS/SSL.
995 – This is the POP3 port over TLS/SSL.
2525 – This is the alternative SMTP port.
3306 – This is the default MySQL port.

Due to security reasons we cannot open additional incoming ports per Customer request on our Shared servers. In case that you need such port to be opened so you could use it, you should consider upgrading your hosting plan to a Dedicated Server. When you are hosted on stand alone environment you should be able to allocate all the available resources for your account make such customizations upon the environment  such as opening additional ports. You can easily do that via the server firewall configuration.

Danny Walker Answered on October 2, 2015.
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