What is phpList?


What can I use the phpList application for?

Nicholas Griffin Asked on September 29, 2015 in phpList.
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phpList is an open source mass mailing system, which gives you the ability to send email messages to a large number of recipients. With this application you can broadcast text information, such as newsletters, news, advertisements… etc to a predefined lists of subscribers. It is coded in PHP – a very popular programing language for the web and uses a MySQL database system to store the information.

With phpList you can manage a list of subscribers and batch send emails to large numbers or recipients. You can even add attachments to the mailing lists that you create such as document files, photos, small archive files and etc.. The subscription to the created lists is being made via a subscription page that you can even integrate to your website, if you have some development skills. During the registration of new recipients an information such as date of birth, language, favorite food, etc.. is being collected and categorized in the database. You can use this information for targeted mass messaging such as sending special adverts to clients who meet certain criteria, such as country of residence.

phpList frontend interface pages are available in 35 languages and the documentation which can be downloaded from the official site is translated in Spanish, Dutch, French and English

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James Flynn Answered on September 29, 2015.
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