What is LiteSpeed web server?

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LiteSpeed web server is high performance apache replacement. The software is commonly used together with web hosting control panels, where it replaces Apache as the web server, which improves the performance of the server. It supports HTTP/1.1, SSL, CGI, FastCGI, LSAPI, PHP, JSP, Servlets, GZIP compression, chroot, IP level throttling, connection accounting, DoS attack prevention, and instant recovery mechanisms. It can be used as a content accelerator, compression proxy, or a security guard running in front of any Web and application server.

The benefits of using LiteSpeed webserver are the following:

  • LiteSpeed web server increases performance and stability with its streamlined event-driven architecture. LiteSpeed can serve thousands of clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.
  • LiteSpeed increases server security because it is mod_security compatible and has built-in anti DDos features like bandwidth and connection throttling.
  • LiteSpeed reduces hardware and support costs allowing to keep the hosting control panel and relieving you of the troubles of an overloaded server.

In order to have the LiteSpeed installed, submit a ticket to our Support Team and they will gladly integrate the LiteSpeed server on your server. You should be aware that the LiteSpeed require a license for its full functionality. You may choose the most suitable license type from here:


Christian Smith Answered on September 25, 2015.
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