What ‘vulnerable’ Joomla extension means?

The extension I would like to install is considered as “vulnerable”. What does this mean?

David Price Asked on September 26, 2015 in Joomla.
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Vulnerable extension means that the extension in question might cause security issues with your Joomla website. Note that you need to make sure that the extensions on your website are upgraded to the latest stable version. You can also remove any extension in your Joomla application that you are not using anymore or at the moment.

In case you are not sure if you need to install an extension on your website because of security issues, make sure that you have downloaded the extension in question from the official website of the developers of the extension in question.

If you are experiencing an issue with installing an extension on your website, keep In mind that we are offering free extension installation service for all our clients and you can request an assistance by submitting a support ticket from your Client Area with us and our Technical Support Team will be glad to assist you with this further.

Gregory Specter Answered on September 26, 2015.
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