Point domain to my TMDhosting account

I have a .co.uk domain registered with a UK provider, I can change the nameservers only with that provider, can I point it to my TMDhosting business hosting?

I don’t want to transfer the domain to TMD as I have domain privacy, but with TMD this is not available for .co.uk

Thanks all

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If you have a domain name registered with another domain registrar you can point it to the server where your hosting account with us resides either by editing the NS records or by adding an A record with our server’s IP address.

Please have in mind that changing the NS records of your domain name would lead to a propagation period of up to 24 hours in which your domain might not be accessible.

In order to assist you further with this matter, please contact our Technical Support Team by submitting a new support ticket and provide them with more information about what exactly you want to achieve. We will be glad to help you out.

Joe Benson Answered on May 9, 2017.
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