phpBB vs SMF comparison.

Which are the differences berween phpBB and SMF?

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  • offers password protected forums
  • has support for MySQL, MSSQL and PostgresSQL database engines.
  • offers search flood control
  • post sorting
  • has a large selection of free plugins, modules and templates (~533 Available Plugins and ~625 Available Themes).
  • customizable private message filters
  • compatible with Smartphones
  • forum organization (forum categories, URL redirection forum, sub sections)


  • does not support RSS
  • HTML code cannot be inserted in posts
  • mod installation is done manually, thus installation of some additional modules may not be straightforward and may require more advanced skills
  • no user ratings
  • no hidden topics
  • no trashcan forum
  • no embedded videos
  • no calendar
  • no bundled software
  • no payment subscriptions



  • highly customizable (~1983 available plugins and ~1426 available themes).
  • multiple language support. Different languages can be switched between on the fly
  • full or partial censoring of pre-set words
  • automatic package manager, which allows for the easy and effortless module and theme installation
  • can display query count per page
  • spellcheck
  • cookie and session based authentication
  • abnormal behavior detection
  • payment subscriptions
  • post by E-mail
  • hidden topics
  • trashcan forum
  • embedded videos
  • calendar
  • bundled software


  • no search flood control
  • custom BBCode buttons are not supported
  • customizable filters for private messaging are not available
  • no user rating
  • profile fields cannot be customized
Christian Smith Answered on September 24, 2015.
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