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How to manage sidebars in OpenCart?

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The same way as the arrangement of a real store is very important to attract customers, the appearance of your online shop has significant impact on the number of orders you get.

To make the platform easier and comfortable to use it has to be arranged in the appropriate way. This means that on each page you should place all the needed tools and information without implementing any unnecessary features.

In this article we will show you how to manage the sidebars of your pages which sometimes contain the most important items that the users might need.
First you need to go to the Administration Area of your OpenCart application and navigate to Design > Layouts:

RE: OpenCart sidebars

The next step is to choose the layout (page) that you want to edit. In our example we will make changes to the home page of the store. Once you select it click on the Edit button next to it:

RE: OpenCart sidebars

On the layout page you will see the modules that are currently added to the home page:

RE: OpenCart sidebars

As you can see there are three modules configured now and they are:

1) Home Page slideshow
2) Home Page Featured products
3) Home Page carousel

To make is clearer we will show how these modules look like on the home page:

RE: OpenCart sidebars

You can easily add one or more sidebar widgets from the layouts page shown above in the article. You just need to click on the Add Module (the plus sign) button on the appropriate position. In the example we will add a banner image on the left side and account options on the right side of the page:

RE: OpenCart sidebars

Here is our home page after the changes:

RE: OpenCart sidebars
We have highlighted the new modules for your convenience.

Joe Benson Answered on January 12, 2017.
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