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How to create multi-store in OpenCart?

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OpenCart allows multi-store management using only one installation. If you have installed OpenCart into at least one store, you can add multiple stores to your admin panel without having to repeat the installation process. To add a new store you must first create a subdomain in your cPanel, then add the store in the Settings section of the admin panel.

To create a multi-store with your OpenCart application you will first need to create a subdomain of the primary domain where your store is located.

NOTE: Please have I mind that the document root must be the same as the root folder of the primary store.

Example: If your store is located in (root folder: public_html/store) your subdomain (for example shold also have the same root folder (public_html/store).

Next you will need to go to the OpenCart dashboard. Then go to System > Settings and click on the Add New button:

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On the next screen you will find the new store settings page. You will need to make changes on several sections there. Here we will introduce them one by one.

General section:

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Here you will need to set the new store URL, the meta title, description, keywords, theme, layout.

Store section:

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Here you will need to configure the Store name, owner, Address, E-mail, telephone and some additional settings.

Local section:

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Here you need to configure the location, language and currency for your new store.

On the next three sections you can configure some additional settings for your store.

Congratulations! You new store is now created:

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Joe Benson Answered on October 26, 2016.
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