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How to change the domain name of my OpenCart store?

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To change your OpenCart configuration to work with a new domain you will need to edit two configuration files of the application.

The first one is located in the root folder of the script and the other one is located in root-folder/admin. In our case the OpenCart application is installed directly on the domain and the root folder is public_html. In case that it is installed in a subfolder it would be something like public_html/subfolder.

To make the changes you will first need to go your cPanel and open the File Manager, which is located in the Files section:

RE: OpenCart domain change

Once you are in the File Manager look for the config.php file and open it:

RE: OpenCart domain change

When you open the file you will see two lines where the present domain name is configured. You will need to replace it with your new domain as it is shown on the next screenshot:

Next you will need to save the changes.

RE: OpenCart domain change

The second file you will need to edit is also called config.php but it is located in the root-folder/admin directory:

RE: OpenCart domain change

In this file you will once again need to change your current domain with the new one:

RE: OpenCart domain change

Save the changes.

That’s all – the domain name of your online store is now changed.

Joe Benson Answered on October 25, 2016.
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