OpenCart Backup/Restore feature

How to use the OpenCart Backup/Restore feature?

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It is important to have a local copy of your website in case that an unexpected failure occurs. It might be caused by a module or theme you have installed or due to a malicious code inserted in your application’s files. In some cases the database associated with the script might be also infected.
The OpenCart developers have integrated a Backup/Restore feature to the codebase and you can easily create a backup. However, please note that the built in feature only creates a copy of your database.

If you want to create a backup of your files too, please refer to this article.

We will now show you how to use the Backup/Restore feature of OpenCart.
First you need to access the application’s Administration area and navigate to System > Tools > Backup/Restore:

RE: OpenCart Backup/Restore feature

On the new page you will be able to see two main sections – Import and Export.

Let’s first review the Export option. It contains all the tables located in the database of your website. You can either select some of them or export all tables. The most common approach is to export the whole database along with all the tables and entries.

To do so you need to click on the Select All link and then hit the Export button located on the upper right side of the screen:

RE: OpenCart Backup/Restore feature

Once you perform this action an sql file will be downloaded on your computer. Its name will be the same as your database name with the date included and the .sql extension shows that this is a database dump file.
In the second case – when you want to restore your website database from the backup you need to go again to System > Tools > Backup/Restore but this time you need to have a look at the Import section.

There you can select the backup sql file you have created earlier from your local computer and upload it to the server:

RE: OpenCart Backup/Restore feature
Joe Benson Answered on January 12, 2017.
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