Is register_globals on or off on my server? Can I enable it if it is off?

How to check/enable register_globals on my account?

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The register_globals directive is deprecated on PHP version 5.3 and removed on PHP version 5.4 or higher. The reason for the directive being removed is because it is often used for injecting scripts with all sorts of variables.

We strongly recommend looking at your code which requires the register_globals directive and modify the code in order to work without this directive.

However, if you want to use register_globals and you are using PHP version 5.3 or less you can achieve that by putting the following code in your .htaccess file:

php_flag register_globals on

For PHP version 5.4 or above you will need custom modifications to your application’s files. Such modifications will require developmental work and in order to perform them you will have to hire one.

John Rogers Answered on September 25, 2015.
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