How can I install SMF manually?

Manual installation of Simple Machines Forum.

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SMF has a great and intuitive web-based installer that will help you effortlessly install the application manually.

You can download the installation package from the following page:

Please note that the latest recommended version of SMF is available via the following link:

Once the package has been downloaded to your local computer, you will need to upload it to your hosting account by using either and FTP client or your cPanel > File Manager.

Upload the package to the directory that you need SMF to be installed to and decompress it via the Extract button in the top of the File Manager page.

Before you begin the installation, you will also need to create a new, empty database. This can be done from your cPanel > Databaes > MySQL Database Wizard.

Once that is done, simply navigate your browser to the installation directory:

  • if SMF is decompressed in your public_html directory or

  • if SMF is decompressed in a sub-directory (simply substitute “forum” with the actual name of your sub-directory).

Load the URL that corresponds to the location of your SMF installation files and the SMF web installer welcome screen should be visualized (please refer to the following figure).

RE: How can I install SMF manually?

Simply follow the onscreen instructions and enter your new database details when prompted, in order to complete the installation.

In case that you may need to read more about the installation process of SMF, please refer to the following link:

Christian Smith Answered on September 25, 2015.
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