How to move my configured Prestashop 1.6 XAMPP from local computer to imdhosting.

I have configured Prestashop 1.6 using XAMPP localhost in my computer, how to move it to imdhosting.  I am no good in IT.  Can you please instruct me, the whole process.

Although I got the link from support team,

I am still not really get it.  I also cannot find any video tutorial about Prestashop 1.6 move XAMPP local computer to imdhosting.

Many thanks

tradytse Asked on February 13, 2017 in Prestashop.
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In order to transfer your PrestaShop store to our server you need to create a full backup of your website on your local computer and then upload it to your hosting account.

To achieve this you should make a copy of all the files and directories of the application and also export an SQL file containing the MySQL database associated with it.

Once the files and database are uploaded on our server you should create a new database, import the original one in it and reconfigure the application with the new URL you want to use.

Have in mind that in case that you are experiencing any issues with the configuration our Technical Support Team will be glad to assist you with that. You just need to submit a support ticket from your Client Area with us and provide all the necessary files.

Joe Benson Answered on February 14, 2017.
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