How to fix redirect loop in Prestashop 1.6?

I have installed Prestashop 1.6 on a test server and it was working fine. When I moved this shop to the online domain, it’s showing as “This webpage has a redirect loop” in chrome and “The page isn’t redirecting properly” in Firefox, both on the site and back end. Seems like some configuration has been missed. I changed values in ps_shop_url and made changes in htaccess but still its the same.

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To fix this you would need to make some adjustments to the PrestaShop database via phpMyadmin:

        1. Go to your PrestaShop database and once you have selected it click on Search, and put ps_shop_domain in the search box, make sure you have selected “Select All” and then click on “GO”

RE: How to fix redirect loop in Prestashop 1.6?

        2. Locate the line that says ps-configuration and click on Brows.

RE: How to fix redirect loop in Prestashop 1.6?

And make sure the value field has the correct site URL

RE: How to fix redirect loop in Prestashop 1.6?

Then you would need to make sure that your PrestaShop is configured to work with the correct database by following this steps:

        1. In the file config/ edit this => define(‘_DB_NAME_’, ‘your_datase_name’);

        2. Delete the .htaccess at the root of the application folder.

        3. Regenerate the .htaccess in the back-office by disabling and enabling the simplified URLs.

Chris Stewart Answered on November 17, 2015.
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You can fix the redirect loop problem by following the steps given here in this tutorial.

alastairbrian Answered on September 6, 2016.
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