How does TMDHosting protect my website?

I want to know if my website is protected with TMDHosting. Can you provide me with more information about that?

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All servers which TMDHosting is providing are using CentOS Linux distribution. This operation system is based on Red Hat Linux and is utilized for server use. It provides server security tools, enchantments to the file system as well as other various OS features. In addition, all of our server are configured with full subscription to the Red Hat Network, which provides OS updates and patches which are vital for the security of your website. We applies these updates in order to provide the best possible server side security.

However, if a DDoS attack is detected and confirmed by our System Administrators, the server which is affected is put under  a special hardware firewall protection which routes the traffic through a DDoS Mitigation Service. This will filter out the traffic to your website and will allow only to the legitimate one to continue to its original destination. Once the attacked is over, the original direct path between your website and the rest of the Internet is restored.

Danny Walker Answered on October 2, 2015.
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