How can I get the ID of all followers in SocialEngine by using their API?

I am trying to get the IDs of all followers of a member in SocialEngine using curl and I get an api key error. What is the correct way of doing this?

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You need to make sure you have created your unique SocialEngine api key and then include it in your request. The API URL and API Key can be obtained from the Settings > Site Info page in your admin panel. An API URL is bound to an API Key, and must be included as a parameter when making requests to API resources. Below are the sample post and get requests using curl:

POST: curl {{API URL}}/{{ROUTE}} -d “api_key={{API KEY}}”
GET: curl {{API URL}}/{{ROUTE}}?api_key={{API KEY}}

In your particular case the curl request will be something like this:

curl http://your_site_api_url/member_path/followers?api_key={{api_key}}&member_id=1&items_per_page=20&offset=1

Geraldine Stevens Answered on November 23, 2015.
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