How can I hide my personal details in the domain WHOIS registry from the public?

I want my personal information not to be shown in public. How can I remove the information for my domain name from the WHOIS registry?

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For every registered domain name there is an information, the person owning it has to provide. This information is required by ICANN and consists of personal data like name, address and phone number. This data is stored in a database called WHOIS registry. This registry is publicly searchable and everyone can lookup any domain name in the database and see the personal information of the owner.

In order to hide this personal information from the public you can purchase our service ‘Domain Privacy (ID Protect)’ You can order it via your Client Area -> Order -> Security and SSL -> Domain Privacy (ID Protect)

After you purchase Domain Privacy we will remove your personal information from the WHOIS registry. Additional benefit from the Domain Privacy is that it helps you to reduce the received spam, fishing attempts and attempts for takeover of your domain name.

Note that it will take some time (up to 3 business days) for the WHOIS databases to get updated with the new information after you purchase the service for your domain name, registered with us.

James Flynn Answered on September 26, 2015.
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