External domain pointed to WordPress instance

I have purchased a domain from an outside provider and need to point it to a WordPress instance in a folder in my shared hosting account. I found this kb article regarding a similar issue, but it doesn’t quite answer my particular question.

Any suggestions or direction would be appreciated.

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In case that you want to make the WordPress instance, located on your Shared Hosting account with us accessible via the new domain you have purchased, there are several approaches.

The first one is to add your new domain as an addon one to your hosting account with us and reconfigure your WordPress application to use it instead the one you are currently using. To do so you will need to point your new domain using either the nameservers associated with your package with us or an A record.

Another solution that will be an appropriate one for you is to add the new domain as an alias. This means that one you access the new domain you will be redirected to the primary domain for your account. However this might not suit your needs in case the WordPress application is located in a subfolder or a subdomain.

A third approach is to set a redirect rule in the .htaccess file in the root folder of the domain you have just purchased. It should be set in such way that once the new domain is accessed it redirects to the root folder of the  WordPress application, located on your hosting account with us.

Since the information you have provided here is not sufficient, we can advise you to contact our Technical Support Team, by submitting a new support ticket from your Client Area with us. Our colleagues will be glad to assist you with this task.

Joe Benson Answered on April 10, 2017.
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