Transferring domain from Enom to TMDHosting

I want to transfer my domain from to TMDHosting. How can I do that?
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Most of our customers transfer their domain to us, because they experience some difficulties with their registrars. For example, their registrars register domains with the information of their company, overcharges the renewals, leave their costumers without notification when the domain expires. Also after the transfer, you will be able to renew your hosting package with us along with your domain at once.
Another reason for transferring your domain to us is to easily manage your domain settings such as – name servers, contact information, administrative information, name, address, phone number, DNS settings from your Client Area. We shall also extend the expiration period of your domain with one additional year after the transfer has completed.
If you prefer to transfer your domain name from Enom, you may follow these steps to prepare your domain for the transfer:

1.    Log in your Enom Account Manager
2.    Go to Domains Menu -> My Domains
3.    Choose domain and click on it to open the Domain Control Panel
4.    Click on General Settings
5.    Change the status of Registrar-Lock to disabled, then click “Save”
6.    Enter your domain name in the quickly manage this domain field
7.    Go to General Settings and click on Email Auth Code to Registrant option

•    The EPP code will be sent to your administrative email account, thus make sure that this email is valid and work properly.

Now you should allow some time (up to 24 hours) for the changes to take effect, then you will be able to initiate the transfer of your domain name to TMDHosting
In order to transfer your domain, you may visit your Client area -> Domains -> Transfer domain. The transfer usually takes 5-7 business days.

Danny Walker Answered on October 8, 2015.
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