How do I transfer my existing domain name to you?

How do I transfer my existing domain name to you?

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Before ordering a domain name transfer service you need to assure yourself that:

* The domain name should be in OK or Active status.

* You should have access to the domain’s administrative email address

* You should have access to the domain’s EPP/Authorization code.

* Your domain name should be registered for more than 60 days. If it was registered sooner, the domain name transfer is forbidden by the global registry.

* The domain name should have more than 15 days before expiration.

* The domain name should not have an active ID protection service.

*The domain name should have one of the following extensions: .com; .net; .org; .us; .biz; .info.

Once you cover that requirements, you are welcome to order the domain name transfer service through the Client area of your account —> My Domains section –> Transfer a domain.

NOTE: If your domain name is expiring in less than 30 days, we recommend you to renew the domain name with your current registrar instead of trying to transfer it. The domain transfer procedure may take up to two weeks to be processed, so your domain name could get deactivated in the registry and you may need to pay additional fees in order to regain control of it.

A domain name transfer usually takes at least 5 business days. The procedure cannot be exactly time framed, because it depends on the time it will take the owner to confirm the transfer and on the time your current registrar will take to accept or reject the transfer.

If your domain names has a or suffix, no active status, no EPP code and no administrative e-mail address are required for the transfer. You only need to change the special TAG attribute of the domain name to PDR – IN before a transfer can be initiated.

You might also find helpful our guides to a successful domain name transfer at:

Geraldine Stevens Answered on October 8, 2015.
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